The Coffee With The Clearing Out

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week I’d go in for a cold brew but be coerced in to getting a massive strawberry donut frapuccino.  From zero calories to probably pushing, what, 500?

Last week was the first of two weeks off work that I’ve taken to try to get the house straight, and that’s what I’ve been doing.  On Monday I went to buy supplies, and ended up not getting anything significant despite taking most of the day doing it.  A slow start but Tuesday I hit it hard.

Ive recycled so many magazines.  I think if I were giving advice to someone I would definitely advise that a physical magazine subscription is not a good idea.  Nowadays they’re a far too temporary medium in my opinion, and that makes them a stupidly big waste of paper and space.

You may have seen on Friday that the other big waste of paper and space I’ve had is confidential waste.  I’m getting really bored sitting next to my shredder.  It’s so noisy I can’t watch the TV (other than sport without commentary) or listen to music while I do it.  It’s over heated so many times and I get impatient and put too much paper in it and it jams and it annoys me even more!

I’ve found lots of these:

I’ve also found lots of things that I’m never likely to use or need.  I have so many pens that I only use to write greetings cards.  I have two network cards that I got for laptops when wifi was becoming a thing rather than wired connections.  They’re never going to get used again.  There’s a signed Manchester United football my brother won in a raffle that neither of us want, but “someone might”.  I have a whole box of cables for items I can’t identify, three hole punches, a sheet of metal for some drawers in my wardrobe that won’t fit in my wardrobe…

The accumulation of stuff I’ve obtained in the last 17 or 18 years I’ve been living here is staggering.  It’s given me a different perspective on want and need and consumerism.  My brother and I have been saying for years that our parents collect stuff.  In some case it’s expensive stuff like antiques.  At least that’s stuff with value and sentiment.  I just have lots of crap that I don’t need, won’t use and don’t want to waste.  I’m sure I had a reason at the time.

I was taking a photo of some stuff that I thought a friend might want when Moo decided to see what I was doing.

As well as clearing out that stuff (from just one room), I’ve gone through clothes.  I have a big pile going for recycling.  I’ve sorted out a “summer wardrobe” that I can fit in to a few drawers.  Anything else is being vacuum bagged and stored.  I’ve imposed a ban on myself from buying new clothes that could well last years.

I’ve repaired a window that had just a little bit of rotten wood in it…

That’s the damage mid repair, not final repair!

The priority for next week is a clear out of the kitchen.  After the kitchen is the spare room, but that’s less of a priority given that I don’t use it.  I need to look at some window hinges which I think might just need cleaning.  I might do some wallpapering because I think I’ve worked out why I want a new kitchen, and that’s because I don’t like the wallpaper.

The reason I’m doing this is to try to get my head straight.  “Clear desk, clear mind” type of thing.  The other thing that I’m doing alongside it is to try to impose routines around food, exercise, housework and sleep.  I’m starting to work that out.

I realise how rudimentary that must sound to most.  I’m not aimless.  I enjoy what I do.  I just realised that I can’t always tell you what this.  Attempting to be more productive at work, I realised there was probably a lesson from school where my day was timetabled and from my half marathon training plan, and I just think that that might have some application now.

I have done some fun things this week, too.  I went out with friends on Friday night.  As some left, some others joined and it turned out that we had more friends in common than we knew!  I then met another friend for breakfast on Saturday, another for lunch on Saturday and then some more on Saturday evening.  I was quite social!

I got a few new Pokemon too, just shiny versions.

I hope you’ve had a good week.  I’ll update you on the spring cleaning progress next week.

The Killers – Romeo And Juliet from Alexandre Magalhães on Vimeo.

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