In The News : Meat, Carrots, Guns, Bibles and Freedom

Annoyed with the rise in plant-based meat, a restaurant chain in America has decided to create a meat-based plant.

The Marrot is made by rolling raw turkey breast in to the shape of a carrot, cooking it sous-vide for an hour, covering it with a “special carrot marinade,” and then oven-roasting it for another hour.  That seems like terribly hard work to make a point.

Arby’s, the makers of The Marrot, have categorically distanced themselves from moving in the plant-based meat sector.  “Plant-based meats are the latest incarnation of making vegetables look like what Americans really want, which is great, tasty meat,” Jim Taylor, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer, said. “Universally, people know we’re supposed to eat vegetables every day. But 90 percent of American’s don’t eat the recommended amount. So we said if others can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?”

Ninety percent of Americans don’t enough vegetables, so we’re going to make a vegetable out of meat.  Did I read that correctly? I’m going to assume that he was being sarcastic.

Americans who didn’t seem to be being sarcastic while also being wildly inappropriate were those at a rural Alabama car dealership who offered a promotion of a free bible, a 12-gauge shotgun and an American flag with the purchase of any new or used vehicle – a campaign called “God, Guns and Freedom”.

The dealership’s general manager Koby Palmer said the sales team came up with the promo to align with his town’s values.

It’s a safe community. They’re very proud of their country and almost everybody here likes to hunt.

The patriotic rather than political campaign didn’t actually give someone a gun rather than a certificate to take a proper arms dealer to do proper checks.

News outlets report Ford Motor Co. told Ford Chatom that the promotion was inappropriate after a worker fired from a California dealership killed two employees last Tuesday before killing himself, so they’ve made them pull the promotion.  Just being inappropriate because they’re offering guns as an incentive, then.

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