The Crap Coffee With The Knee Knack

Hello, if we were having a coffee this week it would hopefully be better than this monstrosity that I’ve been sent a free drinks voucher for.

I simply wasn’t up for arguing in the shop.  This was Thursday. Rewind about 13 hours and I wasn’t sitting in a coffee shop.  I was sitting on the side of a football pitch with an ice pack around my knee.

It’s been a while since I’ve been injured.  I turned up at football on Wednesday night and I was first to go in goal.  I was stood there thinking that my knees hurt, but couldn’t work out why.  About half an hour later I kicked the bottom of someone’s foot, getting a stud right on top of my foot and it smarted quite a bit.

Just as that wore off an opponent played a pass to a teammate that was just a little bit short.  It was just short enough to tempt me in to making a move for it.  I nipped in and got my right foot to the ball.  Well, on top of it.  Then it rolled off and something went awry in my left knee and possibly my left ankle.  I couldn’t decide what hurt the most.

I fear that I added enough rolls to my fall that I looked like a stereotypical footballer.  In truth, I was trying to find a position in which my knee felt comfortable.  I’m guessing it looked bad cause I could hear people shouting to stop the game and a load of people came to help.  It really jeffing hurt.

Someone blessed it for me, but I think Jesus decided it was time for me to give it a rest rather than play on.  Ibuprofen was vastly more effective.

That’s where I ended up on Thursday.  I was supposed to be seeing a friend and I really wanted to go out.  Similar happened years ago when I hurt my back but really wanted to go out for a friend’s birthday.  I couldn’t walk properly and I think I was probably an embarrassment but I so wanted to go out.

I walked very slowly to the train on Thursday, all the time thinking that I shouldn’t.  I figured that I was two slow walks and a train ride away from pancakes, though.  I made it to my favourite place only ring to my friend who was running an hour late.  In the interim I went to get ibuprofen and went to Starbucks to sit down and take them.

The Starbucks branch I went in to was busy.  The managers were helping men with badges who wanted photographs of the cabinets.  The barista was being overly shouty when telling people that their drinks were ready.  He was also more enjoying joking with the coffee machine engineer than making coffee.  He slammed mine down on the bar and shouted. My first thought was, “you’re going to have to give that another go” but I just wanted to sit down and didn’t think sarcasm was the way forward.

I missed out on pancakes.  The queue was out the door.  I got a burger instead, which contained a slice of black pudding and was covered in gravy, but only came with a knife.

As the day went on, I realised that the ibuprofen was doing a good job, so I took a course of them.

I cleared out the kitchen this week.  I’ve been very wasteful in my food buying habits.  By the time I’d thrown everything away that was out of date and put everything else in to my newly established cupboard space, my kitchen echoed for being nothing but solid surfaces.  It gave Moo another window to look out of.

It was kind of a struggle to get it done after the success of clearing out the study the week before.  My parents bought me an Amazon Echo years ago.  I put it in the kitchen and didn’t really use it so much.  I’d ask it what the weather was and occasionally some news while I’m waiting for the machine to brew my coffee in the morning.  I found out that I can ask it to play me the cricket on the radio and play my music from a service that doesn’t just look at what CDs I’ve bought from Amazon over the years.  That made it easier.

I found a VHS on how to paint still in its cellophane.  That probably says everything about how much rubbish I had.

I took my favourite cardigan to the charity shop.  It was a sad day.

I needed to look after the parents’ dog for a night.  “Going for a walk” was successful once she decided to get up.

I finally decided to repair the puncture on my bike.  I went to buy a puncture repair kit.  I even bought some gunge to put in the inner tube and two lots of tyre levers by mistake.  I took the wheel off, took the tyre off, examined the tyre and inner for holes and saw nothing and I got no bubbles out the inner when I put it in water.  The only conclusion I can draw is that someone let it down without me seeing.  I always thought that the circumstances of its deflation were suspect.  A shame it took me so much time and effort to sort out the nothing.

I got some new Pokemon.

Anyway.  I’ve had a good few weeks off work.  I’ve done some stuff.  I think the most important is that I feel I have some motivation again.  I have some plans.  We’ll see how they go.

I hope that you’ve had an amazing week.

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