The Coffee With The Routine And Routine Frustrations

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week, I’d still be trying to finish off some beans before I can get on to the exciting new ones I’ve acquired!

Where to start with this week? Shall we do the good bit first?

After my two weeks off I’d set myself some things that I wanted to do around exercise and diet and keeping the house tidy.  I’ve pretty much kept to all those, although I have remembered that I haven’t done any washing which could cause a problem! I’ll do it in the morning and hang it out before work.

I went out on my bike four mornings this week.  It’s nice when the roads are quiet, although I did have a bit of a whoopsy on a wet bit of road on Thursday morning.  I caught it but it made my heart beat a little faster!  The problem I have is that when I string some bike rides together I realise how much I enjoy it and then wonder whether it’s worth getting a proper road bike, but I don’t have space for the extravagance of two bikes for different purposes.

I also did some weight training and some HIT training too.  Alongside that I’ve kept rubbish food to a minimum, didn’t buy lunch from work all week cause I’ve made my own and stayed relatively well hydrated.

I got hot water again on Wednesday and managed to do all the washing up because packed lunches and leftovers and marinating meat takes up a helluva lot of Pyrex!

I’ve been trying to get my sleep hours as regular as possible and was sleeping really well by the end of the week.  It wasn’t helped by a friend’s birthday party last night but it was a fun night, so no regrets!

I got two new Pokemon too!

So now that bad bit.

Having had two weeks off work, I was feeling quite happy and positive and fresh, and I promised myself I’d approach going back with a clear mind.

It was four hours and twenty minutes before I’d decided I wanted to leave, and one hour of that was lunch! I get frustrated when I can’t see what other people are doing and, perhaps more specifically, when I can’t see what other people are doing when I’m doing their work for them.  It’s even more frustrating when they’re paid a lot more than me.

I opened all my project plans and lists and started running through all the “in progress” items, just to realise that all the stuff I’d chased or asked people for details or additional information for before I left simply hadn’t been progressed.  I set up meetings to progress them, but people didn’t turn up even though they accepted the invitations.

I had two realisations.  I tried to be introspective with the first to try to work out if it was my behaviours that have been changing which means I’m ignored.  I actually think that I’ve progressed, and that I’m getting better around how I go about things.  At the same time, I know there’s some wider cultural issues away from me which not just I’m seeing.

Once I got in the car to get home, I realised just how it was all making me feel and for the first time that it was starting to affect things outside the office.  I wasn’t leaving to behind anymore.

I’ve been having some chats with people all week about it, and this weekend.  It now feels like it’s bad for me, but I don’t have a great plan for leaving because I’ve haven’t found a job to which my technical knowledge is suited in the months that I’ve been looking, whether that was during redundancy consultations or at the beginning of the year.  My gut feeling is still that leaving with nothing to go to is silly, but I’m getting closer to thinking that it’s beginning to affect “me” and that that means I have to have a proper think.

Maybe this is my nine month thing.

Anyway, I hope your week was a good one, and that you enjoy the 7 days to come.

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