The Coffee Where I Needed To Pee

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week, I’d be having mine in my reusable cups seeing as I’ve now found the oh so many of them that I actually have.

Monday nearly started very badly… I went out on my bike before work.  I’m literally getting straight up, feeding Moo, getting dressed and out on my bike as quickly as possible.  I try to drink a pint of water before I leave the house, but I was really thirsty.

I got back and had another pint of water.  I had a shower and had a coffee and made up my Huel for breakfast because I was too lazy to make something.  I think that was probably another pint of water.  I had to pee before I left the house but needed to go again barely 10 minutes in to my journey.  The problem was that someone was getting a little digger delivered to their house, causing a queue that meant my 25 minute commute turned in to a 45 minute commute.

I had to park in a visitor’s space at work, “run” in, apologies to the ladies on reception about my parking, go pee and then sort everything out! Not my proudest moment, but could have been worse!

I managed to keep up my bike riding.  I did four rides of about 35 minutes each.  Thursday morning I really had to drag myself out.  I woke up on Friday and heard the rain but was also feeling pretty shattered so gave it a miss.  I was a but nervous about going out on wet roads for the first real time.  I’d done a couple of damp ones but this was standing water and I just didn’t fancy it.

My plan was to always do some exercise before work.  I was planning on either a bike ride or some interval training but my knee probably isn’t allowing me to do the latter just yet.  If I try to stretch my thigh it feels like there’s still a little swelling at the back of my knee, so I’m going to give it another week off anything serious.  I may treat it to some ibuprofen and ice before bed!

Other than that, I don’t think it was a particularly eventful week.  I feel better in myself for the exercise and still keeping up a much better diet.  Two weeks in, I’m not actually craving anymore.  I fancied chocolate on my way home last night but the petrol station was closed.  I had treats today, in the shape of a hot dog with cheese and bacon and a salted caramel and Oreo shake all in one at Five Guys.  It was lovely.

Food last night was really nice too.  We’ve been eyeing up a restaurant called Dishoom on Manchester and finally got a table last night.  It’s Indian street food, but with a few Chinese and maybe Korean influences.  The food was absolutely delicious.  I can’t really do spicy but I don’t mind it when the flavours are nice rather than food just being hot, and the flavours were wonderful.

I loved the atmosphere of the place.  It felt a little like I should have been smoking a cigar there after food rather than eating frozen condensed milk ice cream and drinking chocolate chai, but also felt like it would be at home in what I know of India.

Unfortunately some friends found out this week that I’m scared of birds and don’t like crossing roads diagonally.  I wrote about both of those in 2017, so I’ve been doing well to hide it.  Now they’re making me cross roads diagonally on purpose.  It’s bothering me.  I’m not sure if they should be friends much longer.

I’m sure that there was I was going to tell you this week, but I’m actually pretty tired and can’t remember it.

Until next week.

(By the way, this song came on my new music playlist this week, and I think it’s amazing.  I got all the feels from it, because I kind of recognise the situation.)

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