The Coffee With The Broken Phone

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week we’d be having some Ugandan Red Cherry Natural from Rave.  It has tasting notes of strawberry cream, chocolate, raisin and peach.  These aren’t beans coated in an artificial flavour, they’re organic tasting notes and they’re spot on.  It’s the most bizarre coffee that, for me, tastes better once it’s gone past the crema.  Highly recommended.

May as well start where I left off last week.  I think I’d said how much better I’d been feeling.  I finished last week’s post, ironed a shirt for work and got some other bits and bobs together and, just as I was about to go to bed, began to not feel well.  It turned in to, shall we say without too much detail, a fairly restless night!

I worked from home on Monday because that gave me an extra hour in bed and by mid-afternoon I finally felt the inclination to have some food and started to feel right again.

I’d had a fairly non-descript few days because I wasn’t enjoying the heatwave that we had.  On Thursday I decided to go out and see some friends despite the heat, and the humidity and the car set me up with some lovely hair.  I didn’t realise that it could go that wavy!

I was walking back to the car to go home, my phone in my right hand. I had an itchy right shoulder so went to deal with it with my left hand.  In so doing, I managed to knock my phone out my hand.

You know sometimes your brain makes everything go in slow motion and it’s telling you things in perfect clarity that you wouldn’t be able to speak as fast? “You’ve dropped your phone.  Catch it.  No, with both hands.  Too late, you’ve missed it.  Try to catch it on your foot.  Remember to cushion it.  No, you’ve kicked it.”

It was lying face down.  I had a bit of a Schrodinger’s Cat scenario because the it struck me that if I left it upside down it might not be damaged.  Alas, that would also mean that I had no phone.  I picked it up and it did take me a while to see the crack in the screen at the bottom.

I thought it was still working properly once I got over the annoyance.  I took it to ask about it being repaired on Friday and it was still working fine, but literally as soon as I got it out the shopping centre it was giving some key presses that I wasn’t making and couldn’t stop.  At one point it opened my browser and bookmarked a webpage all on its own, and a few minutes later it went in to my contacts and started running through some of their details.  That made me panic because I’m one of these people who tends not to delete contacts and I think there could have been some people in there who didn’t want a call.

So a few trips to get the phone repaired and it’s now back in one piece.  While I was there I quite enjoyed this computer issue on a display…

And I got an amazing chocolate and custard muffin..

It’s been a strange weekend because some of my friends have been through much worse than me and my phone at the end of the week, both for largely different reasons.  Neither of their situations are about me, but I’m gutted for them.  One situation I’m trying to help with (consensus from a lot of us is that we need to get involved a but more actively) and one of them I can’t do anything about other than be there.

On some more light-hearted and pointless notes, I found an new ice cream flavour (I’m trying to work out the accent of the speller)…

And I got some more Pokemon…

I think that’s about it.  Next week I’m going to give myself a late fitness test and will consider playing football again for the first time in four or five weeks which I’m actually quite looking forward to.  I’m also going to the theatre and I’m very much looking forward to that.

I hope you’ve had a good one.

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